Dubz Dip is locally owned and operated in downtown Hamilton Ontario, specializing in custom protective rubberized coatings (often known by the tradename PlastiDip). We serve the Greater Toronto Area and boast many satisfied customers from across Southern Ontario. We pride ourselves on our superior quality work, excellent customer service, and individualized attention.


We're proud to show you a few work-in-progress photos as well as some of our finished projects.

 Colours & Prices

Please see a run-down of all the custom coating services we offer below. Prices may vary depending on individual needs and availability. Quotes on all other custom work are available upon request. Contact us.

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Q: What is dipping?

A: Dipping (or plastidipping) is the application of protective rubberized coating to protect your vehicle from abrasion, corrosion, acid, and moisture. The material comes in a wide variety of distinct colours and can be tinted many other shades.

Q: Is it paint? Will the coating stay on?

A: Not quite paint. The synthetic bond is applied like paint but forms a flexible 'skin' that's tough and resistant to extreme temperature. PlastiDip's tensile strength rates at over 3700 PSI, so the application stays until you want to remove it.

Q: Is priming necessary?

A: Most items being dip coated do not require priming because the coating is shrinking around the item as it dries. However, in extreme conditions or when adding protective coating to a large metal surface, primer is recommended.

Q: Do you do (xyz) customization?

A: For anything not listed in our Prices, please send an email or call us with specific details.



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